June 12, 2004

Citizen of the Planet

Who am I to believe
That the future we perceive
Lies in danger and the dangers increase
Who are we to demand
That the leaders of the land
Hear the voices of reason and peace

When I heard Paul Simon singing these words this morning, I completely lost track of everything I had to do today. It seemed to synthesize exactly what I've felt has been lacking from the movement to replace our leadership in Washington. Like any good song, it's ambiguous enough for one to feel entitled to bestow meaning upon it. And of course our leaders do hear the voices of reason and peace. They're just not paying any damn attention to them.

I really don't know if a couple of old geezers singing with their guitars can change the world anymore, but it's worth a try. This song, written over 20 years ago and soon to be released for the first time, seems to this old geezer as likely a candidate as any I've heard for a tune to hum while taking back our country.

Paul Simon reportedly said the following in an interview for Playboy in 1984:

It was a direct statement about nuclear disarmament. Too direct for me ... I'd like to give it to some disarmament groups for others to sing, because it's quite a good song, but it's just not my voice.

It remains to be seen if it will catch on, but I'm certainly glad that he's finally started singing it.

NPR's Weekend Edition: Simon and Garfunkel, The Interview
Audio of interview (real audio - 17:50 - Citizen Of The Planet story and clip approx. 12:38 to 14:28)
Extended interview (real audio - 54:05)
Lyrics for Citizen Of The Planet
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