November 04, 2004

Thinking ahead

I'm talking Robert Jr. by the way.
And no, I don't care if he's not interested. Let make him.
Posted by Hal Eckhart at November 4, 2004 10:14 AM | TrackBack

Nah, we need Obama / Stewart in 2008!

Actually, we've seen over the last two elections that the Democratic Party is irrelevant. In 2008, the Democrats and the Republicans will have to run new faces since the Democrats lost, Bush can't do a third term, and Cheney can't win. Both will need to articulate a clear, concise, and compelling platform and the Dems have proven themselves incapable of that. Even the clear message "Not Bush" somehow wasn't enough.

Democrats! Please retire. Let the Greens have a shot, since they have something to say.

Posted by: Sinister Dexter at November 4, 2004 02:07 PM

The Green party will not be taken seriously in the U.S. in my lifetime. What America needs is a third (or fourth, or fifth) party that breaks the party lines. As it is, a potted plant could run as the Democratic nominee and still pull out over 200 electoral votes, solely because some people vote straight down the ticket.

A party of angry moderates, the majority of Americans, could take 2008. Or even sooner (as there comes a time in the course of human history, and whatnot). If they organized *now* and got their message out *now*, and did not go away or relent for four years, they could be taken seriously.

And it wouldn't hurt to have real people running for these offices. Nobody likes politicians. Lower the age required to hold office to 18 (the same as the age to vote or be drafted) and there will be no shortage of qualified candidates. Look for those who've been outspoken on this election, those who can handle criticism and refuse to let a lie sit, those who demonstrate a clear understanding of how democracy works (or doesn't work) in America, and those who can keep their cool even when facing an asshole like O'Reilly.

Posted by: Lefty McRight at November 4, 2004 06:00 PM

fyi cheney has already indicated he wont run.

the repubs have kind of shot their load now with a second bush term. and with the rest of the biggest names in his cabinet on their way out (ashcroft, ridge, and powell) who's left thats viable -- rumsfeld????

Posted by: at November 4, 2004 11:39 PM

Guiliani would make as good a puppet as Bush has.

Posted by: at November 5, 2004 11:27 AM

Whatever happens, please don't run anyone named Clinton.

Posted by: at November 5, 2004 01:45 PM

Only chance is a Dem southerner, or at least one with a southern accent. Someone who speaks their language.
Another NE'er ticket is doomed. And you propose replacing a Southerner VP ticket with a Black guy? As much as I love and dream your idea, it has less chance than Kerry did.
At this point, succession is the only option, I fear.

Posted by: pete at November 6, 2004 12:31 AM

>Another NE'er ticket is doomed. And you propose replacing a
>Southerner VP ticket with a Black guy? As much as I love and dream
>your idea, it has less chance than Kerry did.

Well, it was about dreaming more than cold hard bitter reality.

>At this point, succession is the only option, I fear.

Oh, now that's realistic (but I like it anyway).

Posted by: Hal at November 6, 2004 07:59 AM
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