September 05, 2009

IFixit repair guides


It's so simple to change components in Apple's desktop computers that it usually doesn't require tools, a manual, or more than 5 minutes unless you're staring in slack-jawed amazement at how wonderful it all is. But laptops are a whole nother type deal, as we say in Minnesota. They are by nature 10 pounds of poo in a 5 pound can, and if you can actually figure out how to get them open, it's not easy to figure out which glued down ribbon cable you should pry off first to get at the component you want to swap out.

That's where IFixit's repair guides come in handy. I've now replaced 2 hard drives using their instructions, and it's really a lot easier than I would have thought. It took about half an hour and $100. (via Amazon Prime) to change the 120GB drive in my MacBook Pro to 500GB.

Before doing the switch, I cloned the old little drive to the new big one using a great little utility named SuperDuper! After the switch, upgrading to Snow Leopard went without a hitch and now I have a bunch more room for stupid cat pictures!

IFixit has repair guides for Mac laptops, IPods, and IPhones.

Posted by Hal Eckhart at September 5, 2009 12:29 PM
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