September 11, 2009

Remote Control


Cheapo, no configuration solution for remote jogging and touch-off for my EMC-driven CNC plasma cutter. Six bucks at Amazon. I haven't tested the waterproof claim yet, but for the price, I'm not too worried. The USB cable cost more than the keyboard, and it was really cheap. The keyboard is flexible, so I put it in a frame to hang it on the side of the machine.

Posted by Hal Eckhart at September 11, 2009 11:19 AM

I enjoy seeing your work. Keep it up.

Posted by: tobben at September 13, 2009 05:47 AM

Your coping calculator is ingenious! I belong to the Antique Airplane Association in Longmont, Colorado. We are rebuilding a 1946 Taylorcraft, working with many young people, to teach them fabrication skills and having a blast.

I have read your whitepaper on the geometric math for calculating the fishmouths. I would like to write a Python script to control a 2-axis tubing spinner, to allow your algorithm to control a plasma cutter. On your web site, I see you mentioning a CNC plasma cutter, so you have probably already accomplished what I intended.

I'm not out to steal your idea, but rather expand on it in a simple way. If you would like to colaborate/help with something like this, let me know. Otherwise, I thank you much for posting that whitepaper, and will certainly give you credit for the marvelous idea.

Lastly, I was deeply touched by your account of your brother and the pains of your childhood. I had an unusual childhood too, but no comparison to the heartaches you must have endured. Obviously, you have risen above a lot of that through your creativity; our gain and hopefully some form of satisfaction after deep memories of pain. If you are interested in corresponding, as friends, I would feel honored. You obviously are not one to be preached to, so I promise not to go there. I am more interested in some of the same handiwork that we both love and enjoy.

I hope you respond and we can become friends.

Dan Smith
Longmont, Colorado, USA

Posted by: Dan Smith at October 21, 2009 01:14 AM
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