May 27, 2010

Rural Internet

We will soon be moving to Maiden Rock township, in what is apparently part of Stockholm, Wisconsin. The single biggest issue so far is internet access. No DSL or cable. There is satellite available, but the signal is a little spotty and depends on the weather. But the biggest problem with it is that there's a monthly limit of 17GB (or 30GB if you want to pay $400. a month). Comcast currently says there's a 250GB cap and we haven't ever heard a peep about it, so that would be plenty. Without Netflix or wasting time on YouTube, I figure I could get by on 10GB, but I'm not the major breadwinner, and I'm not the one doing graphic design. I'm guessing we'd need 50 to 100 GB/month to make it work for us. Living out in the country means we'd have a little more desire to keep connected to friends far away, so throttling the internet umbilical cord doesn't sound like a great idea.

T1 looks to be about $600/month with either a 2 or 5 year contract. There are various radios that might work to connect to a neighbor's DSL connection. DSL comes within a mile of us, which isn't too much for these devices. But I don't know if there are any pitfalls with this idea.

If anybody has an idea, let me know or leave a comment.

Posted by Hal Eckhart at May 27, 2010 10:47 AM

I think you have the options covered. Either suck it up and get the t1, or radio bridge the dsl. Of course you will need to find a friendly neighbor. Risks are something needs doing in the neighbors house and they are not home. IIRC there can be issues with weather, although min9imal and not to the level of satelite...which is common. My DISH sewrvice for TV goes out often during heavy snow or rain. Also think that although you do not need a clear LOS, the earth can't be between the two no super high hills. I'll end that you exactly the man for the job Hal, something to tinker with! Good luck. Also, check in with JD Urfer, or his wife Cindy. Both are IT squints.

Posted by: George Bregar at May 27, 2010 11:59 AM
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