January 01, 2011

Lazarus Video


My beloved but infrequently used and ancient Flip Mino video camera quit functioning after sitting dormant for several months. The white charging light kept flashing, but it wouldn't turn on or even mount the drive so that I could access the videos stored on it. I tried resetting it numerous times, and charged it on several different USB connections for over 2 weeks, but still no joy in Mudville.

Flip's tech support was beyond useless. They didn't even actually read my questions, but instead gave me several bizarre and increasingly complicated reset instructions, none of which worked. Oh well, time to pull out my spudger.

iFixit has some Flip repair guides and teardowns posted, but none of them were exactly my model. However, after reading someone else's comment and following this teardown for a MinoHD, the fix was surprisingly simple. All I really had to do was open the case, loosen and get behind the logic board, unplug and replug the board and then put it back together. It then booted up fine and the battery was even charged!

Thanks, iFixit!

Posted by Hal Eckhart at January 1, 2011 06:19 PM
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