June 01, 2014

Dangerous Tools

Here are a couple of tools I made or modified for picking up firewood. I got the idea after watching this clever video which shows how to build a stable, circular pile of wood that will dry thoroughly without any external support. The guy uses a stick with a sharp spike in it to pick up and fling the wood around, which seemed like a great idea. I don't have his strength at my age, but repeatedly stooping down to pick up cut or split logs makes me sore and cranky. Or more sore and cranky than normal, which isn't good.

The old Estwing framing hammer had been laying around unused and unloved in a dark machine shed for years, so I didn't feel too bad about hacking it up for this experiment. It works pretty well, but after a few hours of use, my tendonitis is screaming louder than my chain saw.

To get a better grip with less damage to my inflamed joints, I made the little bailing hook. It works fine on wet wood that's not too dense, but sometimes it takes a good hard swing to make it stick. Which can lead to unpleasantness, like sticking it into my knee after about 2 hours of use. Luckily, it bounced off a bone and barely left a mark. And I'm barely limping anymore. It probably needs more weight to sink into the wood better. Or I need some armored leggings.




Posted by Hal Eckhart at June 1, 2014 07:04 PM
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