Dan Hopper's TUBEFIT Program

About once a month someone asks me for a standalone version of my Coping Calculator, so they can run it on their computer out in their garage where there are no internets. Since the script relies heavily on the power of PHP, ImageMagick, and GD, it's not really something that can be easily translated into a separate program. At least not one that I could create.

However, Dan Hopper has written a standalone program called Tubefit that gives the same result as the Coping Calculator, when "straight in" is selected. In addition it can also calculate a template for a "straight across" cut which automatically makes a fillet for welding. The latest version is capable of making very large templates if you are willing to do some manual editing of the disc output file. Dan explains how to do this in a text file included in the download. Tubefit also gives you the option to rotate the intersection of the two tubes.

Tubefit is actually a DOS program, but it runs fine on WindowsXP. It can send a postscript file directly to the screen, to a parallel printer, or to a file. This file (postscript or .ps) can then be edited if necessary and sent to any printer.

Unzip this file and put the contents wherever you want. The OVL file needs to be in the same folder as the EXE for it to work. It seemed to work for me, but I found that using "print" without an LPT printer defined causes the program to freeze. It could be a glitch in my system, but onsider yourself warned.

TUBEFIT.zip (last updated 9/13/08)
Derivation of Dan Hopper's TUBEFIT Algorithm
A brief bio of Dan